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6 Smart Ways to Collect Actionable User Feedback

Telepathy and 5 Other Ways to Collect Actionable User Feedback

How good is your big idea? How good are your small ones? Your new features? Is your startup solving a real problem? Who are your most loyal customers?…

So many questions. And we all have them when building our startups and marketing our businesses. But where do we look for answers?

Ourselves? Friends and family? Big name entrepreneurs we kinda know? The problem is that all of these people are most likely not the ones who will actually be using your product.

And even if they are, the biases of your relationships will make it hard for you to get any objective feedback.

So who can we ask for realistic, unbiased and actionable feedback? Well, how about our users and customers?

The pros are obvious:

  1. Your consumers' opinions actually matter. They are the ones you serve and the ones who pay you.
  2. They interact with your product more than anyone else.
  3. They are not afraid of hurting your feelings.

Hooray! It seems like we found our optimal source of feedback, insights, and new ideas. Now all we need is to start collecting and analyzing them.

And this is exactly what today's article is about.

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Free Ebook: Corporate Identity Essentials for Startups

Do you ever wonder if having a corporate identity is important for your startup? Are you trying to figure out what kind of logo and colours you need? Are you thinking about getting merchandise but don't know where to start?

Well, start here! After months of writing, I'm happy to share with you our first ever ebook. As you can guess, it's called "7 Basic Components of Your Startup's
Corporate Identity," and it's exactly what you need if your company requires more design and branding love.

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15 Ways to Write Kickass Copy for Your Startup

Ever since the Madman era, copywriting has been a significant part of any marketer's job. And in today's digital, text-driven world it is as important as it has ever been.

The art of turning words into a beautiful composition that gets attention, inspires action, and consequently sells is something we encounter daily, whether when watching TV or signing up for yet another Facebook-killer.

Your copy can make all the difference between getting users excited about your product and making them want to shoot themselves in the head.

Good copy can mean an extra 20% to the open rate of your emails. Bad copy can mean that the only click-through rate you'll be measuring is of your "unsubscribe" link.

Let me just make this dead simple for you.

If you want to grow your startup (especially with limited resources), you must learn to write better copy.

And this article offers 16 practical and straightforward ways to take your copywriting up a notch.

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4 Vital Lessons for Marketing Professionals Going Startup

4 Vital Lessons for Marketing Professionals Going Startup

Image copyright: CollegeHumour

There are at least a hundred reasons to quit your day job and start a company.

On one hand, there is the entrepreneurial drive and the need to innovate and build something awesome.

On the other hand, there's the undeniable fact that startups are sexy (at least this season). They promise freedom from bureaucracy and millions, or better yet billions, of dollars in your bank account.

And although every founder will tell you that the reality of going startup is harsh, many people still fail to recognize this fact.

But even assuming that you're in for the right reasons, there are still things you need to understand to survive and succeed at building a company.

And this is why I want to share with you four vital lessons that every marketing professional learns after making the startup switch.

Please note that although I do look at this from a marketer's perspective, you are likely to find these lessons useful if you're on the tech side as well.

3… 2… 1… Let's do this!

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How to Start Marketing Your Startup While in Stealth Mode

How to Start Marketing Your Startup While in Stealth Mode

One topic that has been debated in the startup community forever is whether or not you should keep your startup in stealth mode until it is ready for the big release.

Most people, especially the ones with experience, will tell you not to be afraid of someone stealing your idea and avoid being in stealth.

Except that there are many successful startups that told no one about their products and still kicked ass…

So what's the deal here? Are we a bunch of hypocrites, or are there some exceptions to the rule? And most importantly, how can you start marketing your company and start telling its story from day one while not revealing any of its secrets?

Let's examine!

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