Misha Abasov is the guy behind Marketing Before Funding. You can find out more about him on our About page.

Not surprisingly, Misha speaks about marketing for startups: from branding and community building, to networking and pitching to investors. He has been speaking at universities, workshops, and conferences since 2008.

His presentations are very relaxed and down-to-earth, and he always adds humour with unexpected analogies and examples to keep people entertained. His goal is to communicate everything in simple words while maintaining the highest quality of content.


Owen Clark, President of ByzHub.com

“Misha has a unique demeanor that is serious but also very humorous. I had Misha sit on the panel of experts to talk about an online community. Misha participated as much as any of the other panel members and complimented them perfectly.

His short witty answers not only were simple but got the message across extremely effective and most with humor.

Misha was excellent and the feedback from the audience was equal to my recommendation.”

Susan Jarema, President of New Earth Marketing

“I recently spoke with Misha on a LinkedIn panel in Vancouver and found his witty honest answers refreshing. The audience welcomed his expert advice. He definitely gets social media and is a forward thinker.”

Teresa Wang, Founder and President, UBC eBusiness Club

“Misha is a very effective and inspiring speaker. He is very good at engaging the audience in his speech and presenting in a humorous manner.”

Want Misha to speak at your event?

If you would like Misha to speak at one of your events, please, email misha [at] mishaabasov.com.