6 Effective Tips that Will Forever Change the Way You Use HootSuite [VIDEO]

As many of you may know, I'm a huge HootSuite fan. Maybe, it's because I used to work there, but I tend to think that it's just 'cause their product is so damn good.

So today I wanted to share some great tips on using HootSuite. They are all pretty simple but can have an huge impact on your efficiency and help you grow your digital brand much faster.

1. The Fastest Way of Adding People to Lists

Whenever you have search feeds set up in a tab, keep a relevant list stream nearby. This way you can easily list people who are important to you.

Just click on a person's userpic, drag it from one stream to another, and drop it into your list. The person will be added automatically, and you will save massive amounts of time not having to open their profile and add them manually.

The video below shows how to do it.

2. Maximize Efficiency of Your Tabs

I suggest you always follow and list everyone who is relevant to your startup. To maximize efficiency of your listening tabs, keep a list together with the search streams on the same topic (see the previous example).

But! HootSuite doesn't allow you to drag a userpic outside of your visible screen area, and if you have a lot of search feeds, it can become a problem. To fix this, simply put your list stream in the middle, and you will be able to reach it form anywhere in the tab.

Here's another how-to video.

3. Pin Your Main Social Media Profile

After pinning your favourite social media profile in HootSuite, everything you write can be posted via that profile by default. This works great with Twitter because it usually gets updated most often.

To pin an account, go to your profile selection area and click on the little pin in the drop-down menu. See the video, if you're having trouble figuring this one out.

4. Set Your Tabs to Manual Refresh

People tweet a lot! When you have 10 streams in your tab and are trying to catch up on what's being posted, nothing hurts more than an auto-refresh that moves things around and creates a complete mess.

So set your tabs to manual refresh and never miss a post! To do so, click on the small arrow button near "+ Add Stream" and select "Manual Refresh."

Watch the video for extra help.

5. Narrow Down Search Results

I've written about this before in "How to Monitor Your Topic on Twitter," but here's a quick summary of cool** search filters** that few people know about:

  • -http. Great for removing all self-centered, spammy links.
  • -RT. Quick way to reduce the number of repeat tweets.
  • ?. Perfect for finding questions you can answer and engage with quickly.
  • And, of course geolocation filtering, my personal fave.

6. Filter the Home Feed in Real Time

Your Home Feed can be filtered live by keywords or Klout score. This allows you to quickly identify valuable tweets in a sea of #humblebrags. In the top right corner of the Home Feed, click on the arrow, select "Filter by..." and set it up to your preference.

I don't usually use the Klour score filter, but I often narrow down my search by a question mark ("?"). This allows me to engage with people in seconds because answering questions is always easier than coming up with something to say.

Watch the video bellow to see how I do it.

That's It!

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